Collection: Shilajit

Ayurveda's Panacea: The Destroyer of weakness. 

Shilajit addresses almost all mineral deficiencies while promoting the function of all body systems.  This mineral sap has substances like humic and fulvic acid that have been missing in our soil systems for a long time due to conventional farming practices.

Shilajit is known as the conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness and is the world's best adaptogen!

Customize Your Blend

We often face unique challenges that require individualized approaches to improve certain areas of the body. This option allows you to choose what herbs specifically you will have in your beverage. The blends of Adaptogens can be made ideal for entrepreneurs, corporate professional & individuals that burn the candle at both ends that need to stay healthy, calm, stress free, mentally sharp and capable of conquering high stress day.