About Us

We are here to provide high quality service, knowledge, products and a personalized experience to improve your well being.

Danny Parrott

The People's Herbalist

Danny is an herbal consultant, researcher and herbal product innovator. He has worked with hundreds of individuals across the United States creating individualized herbal beverages & protocols. He specializes in adaptogens and practical ways to consume them. Danny received his herbal certification from Herbal Academy International School of Herbal Arts & Sciences.


Working with The People's Herbalist

Growing Our Community

We host virtual & in person gatherings because we believe in empowering people through community and sharing an array of different herb infused beverages & holistic food products from our sister company Herbal Infusions Kitchen.

Our goal in these social endeavors is to connect like minds & increase the common knowledge of nature's best tools for all ages.


Our Herbal Conglomerate

He had a vision of bridging the gap between the herbal supplement, juice & culinary industries. In this effort we have created unique liquid herb supplements that are easy to ingest, enjoyable, potent and extremely efficient absorbing into the body. 

Danny has made a mission to provide the tools for self-healing along with tips & education to help individuals overcome imbalances and dysfunctions of all types.

He began with our first line of herbal beverages called MOVERs Elixirs and has since matured into tincture blends, sauces and honey that can be found on our sister company's web-store Herbal Infusions Kitchen.

His journey into herbalism was fueled by the loss of 2 of his best friend’s fathers from cancer. He became fanatical about finding natural and safe ways to combat the progression of the disease and the associated side effects of conventional treatments.

The desire to find an answer to ease suffering and improve people’s quality of life pushed him into years of studying published literature, formulating and testing different herb combinations, listening to first hand testimonies, completing online courses, certifications and learning directly from established and experienced herbalists and healthcare professionals.