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Reishi Single Tonic

Reishi Single Tonic

The Queen of functional mushrooms and powerful immune modulator

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Features & Benefits

Reishi is called the mushroom of immortality. The Reishi is the queen of medicinal mushrooms and boasts powerful immune modulation and kidney building properties.

Promote heart circulation and vascular blood-flow, supports daily stress resistance and recovery, supports overall wellbeing, build immune function, relief from seasonal allergies, promotes liver function, detoxification of fatigue and stress by-products, protection from environmental toxins, supports adrenal hormones

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Ingredients | Proprietary Blend

Gandoderma Lucidum

Suggested Use

1-3 droppers with meals 1-3 times daily

Flavor Profile

Spirited, earthy

Potential Herb/Drug Interaction Considerations

Considered safe in most instances