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Ambrosia Blend - Original

Ambrosia Blend - Original

Our most popular nutrient beverage, our Ambrosia tea blends are a delicious, sweet beverage made to be a trojan horse for herbal consumption.

A delicious concentrate of teas & juices with 3.5g of sugar per oz. designed to be taken in 1-2oz servings. 

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Features & Benefits

This is an excellent (and DELICIOUS) option for Children, especially those who are nutrient deficient, and for those who do not like vitamins. This is an overall immune enhancer with TONS of nutrients. It is highly concentrated, sweet, and versatile. It can be taken as a shot or diluted in water. The Ambrosia can serve as an excellent electrolyte-filled beverage packed with unique phytonutrients to aid in stress and immunity. This is an ideal overall daily herbal supplement. It is a healthier version of the chemically-packed electrolyte drinks on the market. This concentrated tea and juice combination only requires 1 oz, 2x a day. The lemon juice gives it just the perfect hint of citrus and transforms this beverage from an herbal tea to a mouth-watering, delicious punch.

Like all of our other Ambrosia beverages, our Regular Blend is made with a base of selected premium Nettle Tea Leaves optimized with the fruity flavors of Hibiscus, Rosehips, Cranberry, Lemon juice, and an herbal extract. Our regular blend comes with Gojiberry and is not infused with any of our specialty tonic add-ins.

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Flavor profile

Fruity with hint of citrus and floral nodes

Ingredients | Proprietary Blend

Concentrated Nettle, Hibiscus, Rosehips, Blueberry, Cranberry fruit tea, Lemon juice, Agave with (Goji berry extracts)

Suggested Use

Take 1 oz. in the morning and 1 oz. in the evening.

If you like a sweet, robust flavor; you can also use the 1:4 ratio.

Add 1 oz. of Ambrosia per 4 oz. of filtered, clean water for a light hydrating fruit tea

Potential Herb/Drug Interaction Considerations

Even though this is an herb-filled health enhancing juice our Ambrosias have a high amount of agave at 4.5 grams of sugar per oz. It is unwise to overconsume sugary beverages, especially when battling sugar addiction & insulin-related imbalances.

Consuming less than 35g of sugar daily is usually a good rule of thumb & it is our hope that consuming this beverage will help the consumer make more thoughtful dietary and hydration choices daily. The goal is to improve the health of your immune system cells and organ function. Pour a shot and bottoms up when you wake up or sip it slowly to savor the sweet & fruity flavor. Each oz has about 1000mg of concentrated adaptogens (unless special order bottle)