Whole Sale Opportunities

Your clients/patients care about quality, purity and  health!

Our diverse catalog of unique premium Tonics, Elixirs, Ambrosias, Teas, Juice and our one of a kind astragalus infused cream honey & Jalapenos Astragalus Hotsauce. www.herbalinfusionskitchen.com appeals to a wide customer base.

What we do is in high demand! We are combining the supplement, beverage and culinary industry together. Our quality is only met by our exclusivity. We are small batched artisan herbal product creators with customers across the US.

We are beloved by our partners in healthcare profession, wellness studios & clinics clean because our products attract a broad audience of folks willing to invest in delicious and high quality supplements, food & beverages.  


What’s In It for You?

Access to unique herbal extracts. The opportunity to increase profits while supplying your clientele stress reducing and immune improving herbs.

Secure a certified herbalist with clinical experience to provide additional promotion for you business.

Purchases contribute to community projects and supporting Americans facing food insecurity.  

You will also receive comprehensive support: Get dedicated marketing and sales resources from our team.

All products are made in America and purchases make you a supporter of our initiatives to improve the health of our youth and ecosystem. 

Maxx Philanthropies 

Our Commitment

At The People's Herbalist we believe in the power of herbs to create positive change in the emotional, spiritual and physical wellness of our society. Our Elixirs, Ambrosias, Tinctures, loose teas, hot sauces, and honey are crafted with care, supporting social and ecological initiatives. Partner with us to enhance your business and make a statement that quality, health, and sustainability matter.

Join us in spreading wellness and positivity. Together, we can make a difference, one product at a time.

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Let's create a better future together.