Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it safe to consume adaptogens while pregnant &/or breastfeeding?

Yes. Barring food allergies, our Fatigue Fighter elixir is safe & can substitute as a prenatal made with historically proven safe herbs. All herbs we use are generally regarded as safe by the FDA. Many moms to be & breastfeeding moms have enjoyed the benefits of our elixirs.

What does an elixir do?

Benefits depend on imbalances or dysfunctions you are dealing with. Our adaptogen blends have nonspecific benefits and a double-directional effect on your body systems.

Can I give adaptogen herbs to my children?

Yes. Children get half servings. All ingredients in our beverages are safe and generally recognized as safe for children; as long as they are old enough to drink and eat food. We’ve given them to our son since he was two (2) years old.

Best time to consume my tonics and elixirs?

For consumption, it is best during meal times

Do your products have expiration dates?

The tonics have a year shelf life when unopened. The Elixirs & Ambrosias are good for up to 3 months but we highly suggest consuming them within 1 month for best results

Do you use Organic &/or NonGMO ingredients?

Yes. With and without the “USDA Organic” label, everything is naturally sourced and of high quality.

Are your products vegan?

Our products are not made from any animal parts. Only the extracts of the flower, fruit & adaptogenic herbs.

What water do you use in your elixirs?

Filtered ionized water. The scientific name is ERW water meaning Electrolyzed Reduced Water. As living beings, we thrive on living structured water and it helps your body absorb our products to maximum potential.

Can you help me with what products I need?

Yes. I can make custom orders for your specific needs as well.