Maxx Philanthropies

Maxx Philanthropies

Maxx Philanthropies is a charitable organization dedicated to fostering awareness and implementation of effective methods to enhance the emotional, physical, and environmental well-being of our population.

Our mission is to create a lasting positive impact on our future generations by educating and mobilizing our communities in four key areas:

1. Researching and Developing Herbal Sciences: We invest in the exploration and advancement of holistic health sciences. Our focus is identifying and validating effective natural methods to improve wellness that can complement conventional medical practices.

2. Reducing Premature Chronic Health Conditions: We strive to reduce the incidence of chronic health conditions through preventive measures. By raising awareness and providing education on natural remedies, we aim to improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from different ailments.

3. Promoting the Emotional & Social Health of the Youth: Recognizing the importance of mental health, we are committed to fostering emotional and social well-being among young people. Our goal is to foster safety and security of the youth through community-building activities that nurture their emotional & spiritual development.

4. Encouraging Environmental Sustainability: We advocate for and implement practices that promote environmental sustainability. Taking care of the Earth is paramount to the health of humans animals and plants. By educating communities on the importance of preserving our natural resources and reducing our ecological footprint we continue the effort of creating a healthier planet for future generations.


At Maxx Philanthropies, we believe that by addressing these 4 interconnected areas, we can create a healthier, more sustainable world. Join us in our mission to educate, inspire, and bring about meaningful change in our communities. Together, we can build a brighter future for all.

We have recently completed a 90 day case study exploring the benefits of adaptogenic herbs on heart health. In this endeavor we witnessed people with various heart health issues experience improvements in their vitals and their overall wellbeing. We have also done over half a dozen 30 day case studies with individual battling issues from long haul covid to type II diabetes with incredible results that were described by some as life saving. 

Utilizing time tested botanicals with willing and hopeful participants has been encouraging to know that our mission of advancing the herbal sciences is necessary more now than ever. 


McKinnon's Pantry

We are committed to combatting hunger and reducing food waste! We are partnered with McKinnon Pantry  & Blessings of hope to be active and conscious of these two problems. We have several ways to get low/no cost food boxes for yourself or families that could use the relief. 


We are currently spear heading an initiative to deal with 3 concurrent issues that need consideration within our country. 

1) Food insecurity: the incredible rise in food cost has made it difficult for many families to have access to food that is not ultra processed 

2) Overconsumption and obesity: We have a surplus of non nutrient, high calorie options that are making people very unwell

3) Food waste: over 130 billion meals go wasted in land fills every year 

One of our project is The People's healing bus.

We are raising funds & accepting volunteers & materials to paint the The People's healing bus, which is a retired 40 foot school bus repurposed to be a wellness clinic. We are going to turn our grass roots bus that serves the less fortunate herbal remedies and prophylactic care from a simply functional herb bus into a beautifully community curated mobile art exhibit.






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