Corona Virus NYC: Experienced Through the Eye of an Herbalist

From the beginning until now...

It is important we share our experience in NYC from the beginning of this pandemic until now. This information may help save the lives and ease the suffering for many people. Since this pandemic began we have provided adaptogen herb tonics, & elixirs to hundreds of people across the US and provided essential work delivering herbs to sick people in the hardest hit places in NYC during the worst times of the shutdown, when the only other vehicles on the streets were ambulances with lights and sirens on.

In this time when going to the bank required gloves and not masks, we provided several adaptogens to people in need all over the city. From the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan to Long Island wer dropped bottle to front doors, front lobbies, in front of elevators, on porches & also direct hand off to share a moment of appreciation. We most notably used Chaga, Astragalus, Goji, Cordyceps & Reishi to many dozens of people that were confirmed positive & sick. Our aim was to use the herbs that best suited the areas they had the most opportunity for healing. All of our clients recovered including several between the ages of 70-82.

A 72 year old woman who started getting aches, fevers & shortness of breath was confirmed a positive carrier of Corona virus so her granddaughter asked for an herbal blend that might help her. We gave her a blend of 4 adaptogens & within a day she reported physically feeling better in regards to pain and energy however she was still short of breath. A couple days later she fainted in her home requiring 911. She was isolated and given oxygen; and she was found to have had pneumonia but recovered and walked out of isolation in the Emergency room defeated the odds. This was in March/April when ER, ICU and quarantined was just short a death sentence especially for people higher in age.

(In our small sample size all the elderly survived and recovered from COVID19)

We know that the adaptogen herbs we use are beneficial by published research articles practically begging for extensive exploration for medicinal mushroom adaptogens like Chaga as a helpful agent in protecting the people from this viral and other viral infections.



This review has highlighted the therapeutic potential of Inonotus obliquus as a natural antiviral treatment against SARS-COV-2. Earlier studies into this mushroom have laid the groundwork into the antiviral capabilities of Inonotus obliquus, however further research into characterising the bioactive ingredients, understanding the underlying mechanisms as well as assessing the efficacy and potential application in vivo should be encouraged in order to develop an effective antiviral treatment against COVID-19. Until the present time, there has not been much research regarding the potential of natural agents against COVID-19, thus opening the research into this field may unlock the potential such extracts may have against SARS-CoV-2.

We have seen 100% of people taking our adaptogens herb blends recover fully or avoid the sickness of this pandemic and we have also witnessed ice trucks used to store bodies in Brooklyn because the morgues were filled, knowing that something so simple and available could have potentially saved some if not most of the many thousands who suffered the severe effects of this pandemic makes me fanatic about sharing herbal info and pushing for large scale clinical trials funded by our Pandemic relief tax paying dollars.

There have been concerted efforts to suppress and discredit herbs in general. They have generally been considered pseudoscientific by conventional medicine. This has been and will continue to be a grave mistake if we do not put pressure for large scale research. Not all herbs are created equal and we cannot attest to the effectiveness of all herbs but in out experience using highly concentrated Chaga, Astragalus and Gojiberry we have a mountain of anecdotes from clients, monitored case studies, published research and historical safe use making it loud and clear that we are not endangering people and can be saving the lives of many more people by advising them to use these herbs before during and after exposure to this sickness.

Herbs are highly nutritious foods and are not drugs, using them daily is something people have the freedom to do. Providing the historical and current facts of how beneficial and safe the adaptogenic herbs can be on the masses makes the freedom to choose to use them a very simple process.

If we can say wearing masks saves lives then we can without a shadow of a doubt say taking herbs saves lives.

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